Trinity celebrated Mothers' Day on May 14 with a new Gathering Hymn! Pastor Micah wrote new words to a tune suggested (somewhat humorously) by his wife - the tune to the classic Christmas hymn "Of the Father's Love Begotten." You can read the lyrics in this post as you listen to Trinity sing the hymn.


Verse 1: Birth mothers

For the mothers who have borne us,
God, we give you thanks this day;
And their arms, which first embraced us,
launching us upon our way--
Arms like those of blessed Mary,
that laid Christ upon the hay;
For their arms, we thank you, God!

Verse 2: Mothers of care/nurture

For the mothers who through nurture
have shown us your tender care,
Given shelter, food, and comfort,
and with us their time have shared;
For their hugs, which have sustained us
when life’s seemed too much to bear;
For their love, we thank you, God!

Verse 3: Spiritual mothers

For the mothers who have taught us,
Christ our Lord, to trust in you--
faithful women through whose guidance
you have shaped our lives anew;
For these ones who, when we falter,
always lead us back to you;
For their faith, we thank you, God!

Verse 4: Mothers of ideas

For the mothers of ideas,
ones whose creativity
brings about great innovation
in our homes and industries;
For their striving and their courage,
which embolden us to dream;
For their minds, we thank you, God!

Verse 5: Blessing for mothers across the ages

For all mothers, then, we thank you,
God who made the worlds to be;
Bless them in their special calling,
good and gracious Trinity:
Mothers all--who are, who have been,
and that future years shall see--
evermore and evermore. Amen.

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